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I am Angie , the creator of the Gourmetangiie™ brand.  I am a Celebrity Chef and Top Food Influencer Blogger in Atlanta . I have cooked for Rick Ross , Lil Boosie , Glorilla , Karlous Miller Sonny Digital, Taylorgirlz, Robiiiworld, Mr Hot Spot

Cherrychy_ ,Toosie , Redman , Donda concert for (Kanye West) ,Darius Slayton NY giant NFL Player, BigGroove just to name a few . I am an alumna of Albany State University where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Business.  I’ve always had a passion food since I learned how to cook at a young age. Being multi-racial, I was introduced to a variety of foods from my Jamaican, German, and Guyanese backgrounds. I experienced a plethora of foods growing up with my mother teaching me recipes passed down from generations of our vibrant family tree. Moving from Canada to Louisiana as a child, helped develop my love for Southern culture, historic roots, and mostly importantly cuisine. Moving to the US, specifically the South, made me appreciate culinary arts. I learned that no matter where you are in the world, food brings happiness in any culture. 

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